Hi and welcome to my website!  I hope you will find all of the valuable information you’re looking for and more.  A little about me:

I am a professional REALTOR®.  I specialize in local, residential real estate. Most often that means helping homeowners who need to sell their home, helping homebuyers find the perfect house at the right price, and helping investors buy, sell, or rent residential properties.

When you are selling, buying or investing, you need so much more than someone simply to negotiate the transaction.  You need someone who understands your immediate needs as well as your longer-term goals.  You need someone well-versed in real estate sales, marketing and project management.  You need someone with a keen sense of the local market.  Much like you need a professional doctor, lawyer or accountant, you need a professional Realtor to whom you can go for advice, and trust to handle your real estate transactions in a caring manner.  I am that Realtor.

Want to know more about what you can expect from me?  There is much more information on this website, or you can call me at 408-829-8061.  I will be happy to talk with you!